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Version 1.3.1 Released

Just a small patch revision that fixes a few display glitches and lets theme developers take advantage of the limit and navigation parameters for rendering catalogs. The other bug this patch hopefully fixes is now when user’s are upgrading from … Continue reading

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CataBlog Version Released

Well, the first update to CataBlog in numerous months was just submitted today at 5pm. This update does not offer dazzling new features, but instead works towards a rock solid 1.3 release which should be coming up soon. Besides a … Continue reading

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CataBlog Released

This new version of CataBlog should fix numerous bugs and will now let you set separate width and height values for your catalog thumbnails. Please check the changelog for a complete list of bug fixes.

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Revision 1.2.7 Public Today

A new update to CataBlog has been released today. It is recommended that all user’s running CataBlog 1.2.6 upgrade to this new revision. Version 1.2.7 offers many bug fixes and improvements, without any architectural change. Most importantly is the improvement … Continue reading

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Wowzers, another CataBlog release already?

Yep, had to push another release out due to a fatal flaw in the add sub image validation. CataBlog 1.1.7 has landed, and I have good feelings about this one. Sorry about that last one everybody, this is why we … Continue reading

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Quick Patch Release, CataBlog 0.8.7

I just released a small patch to CataBlog which gave it yet another new feature and fixed some minor user interface glitches. First off, you can now import a properly formatted XML file into CataBlog and have it insert new … Continue reading

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WordPress Plugin Designs and Memory Leaks

I recently discovered that CataBlog was using more and more of PHP’s allocated memory. This meant that each page that was loaded while the CataBlog PHP Class (plugin) was activated it would use about 200k extra memory, continuously compounding on … Continue reading

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