CataBlog Released

This new version of CataBlog should fix numerous bugs and will now let you set separate width and height values for your catalog thumbnails. Please check the changelog for a complete list of bug fixes.

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  1. Tony says:

    Hi Zach!

    I just updated to version and I just wanted to report that all is well. THANKS for all your work with this incredible plugin.

    Have fun … Tony.

  2. Thank’s for the quick change. WP 3.2 has brought down a couple of sites –

    You are the best!

  3. Gilbert says:

    Thanks, Zack, for the quick and working update!
    Really appreciate your work!

  4. WB says:


    I’m having trouble finding the “grid” view, which I’d like to use to show my items. My templates include the options:
    – default
    – single
    – gallery

    Do I need to upload it from somewhere? Thanks.

    • Zach says:

      The gallery template is the grid like view that is used in the demo page.

      • sagiv says:

        I couldn’t figure out how to modify the code into the “grid” format…

        What can I change here? Thanks 🙂




        • Zach says:

          Don’t worry about the HTML not coming through, in the future you should escape all the HTML entities if you want your comment to show up correctly on the blog. I would suggest going to the CataBlog Options Admin Panel and opening the template tab. There you will see a drop down menu with default.htm, change this to gallery.htm and then click load. To finalize your changes simply click save at the bottom of the panel.

  5. Ghio says:

    Zack, you did it again! thanks! everything works awesome on last version!

  6. Ramon Rocha says:

    Hi Zach!

    I just updated to version

    After WordPress update (3.2) new itens dont create thumbnails and fullsize images…

    Please check and help me…

    I’m sorry by my poor english.

    Thank you!

    • Zach says:

      Have you tried resetting your CataBlog installation by going to the CataBlog Options Admin Panel and clicking reset in the Systems Tab. Hopefully this will fix your problems.

      • Ramon Rocha says:

        But my CataBlog have 80 entries… I can’t lost this information…

        • Zach says:

          Have you tried doing an CSV or XML backup, it’s in the CataBlog Options Panel. I would make sure to actually read the exported file and double check that the export worked correctly before reseting CataBlog. Also, keep in mind that the export does not save the actual images, and you need to manually download the catablog folder inside your wp-uploads directory.

          I am curious, are you using CataBlog in a different language environment, such as Spanish? That could also be affecting you ability to see the delete link.

  7. Jason Paul says:

    Excellent plugin. As I’m in the middle of working on a very large catalog I have a few requests. Basically, it would really speed up workflow tremendously if there was a way to see the Attributes, Fields, categories/add category when you’re doing the multiple image upload. That way you’d never have to go back to it. Also, if the ‘library’ could more closely resemble how WordPress does there’s in core with a quick-edit function that would be major! Just suggestions of course, it’s pretty darned good anyway.

    • Zach says:

      Super excited to hear this, and hope to see the finalized project when its all done. Both your feature requests are right on, and I have wanted to add a quick edit feature…perhaps even a “spreadsheet” mode (quick edit multiple items at once) but have not had the chance to implement it yet. As far as adding more fields to the upload form, when I do that I want to let people customize the fields just like they can do in the Library view, for instance, I prefer the uncluttered title and short description fields but other people will want different options, of course.

  8. Dino says:

    Hya again Zach 🙂
    With this new version, it seems i dont have anymore that zooming problem. So as i am back on with this cool plugin, have a few suggestions. My catablog has around 900 entries. I am doing entries just for showing them as gallery then creating posts and linking that post to that entry. So first suggestion (if its already possible then great, and can you tell me how ^^) would be when you create entry you can choose to create post with that entry where will be description with that image. Second thing i realized, i dont know how to delete category without deleting entries inside that category. So if you delete category with entries inside, it would be great if they would be then uncategorized, instead of deleted.
    Thank you again for this great plugin

  9. lani trock says:

    hello zach!

    i know you are vacationing at the moment but there’s a feature request i’d like to inquire about.
    like jason i am working with a very large catalogue (about 10,000 items) and in the most recent update i made to the site, i had to delete about 3000 discontinued items and add 2000 new items.
    to perform these updates, i revised the csvs (i’ve split them into 35 separate csvs in their respective subsections to prevent timeouts) with the new items added and the old ones omitted. i backed up the originals folder and then reset the entire catalogue. (which i ran into some time out issues-had to run the function a few times)
    from there i reimported the csvs, reuploaded the images to the originals folder and now i am running the image regeneration.
    this process took some time and it seems that i will need to do this once a month. in a future release is it possible to build in a bulk removal of catalogue items by title using a csv?
    i have no idea how difficult this is to achieve technically, but it would be extremely helpful to me and i believe for anyone else working with large numbers.

    on a separate note, when importing the csvs, every six csv or so, the mysql would block and redirect to the wp-install.php- very dangerous, although this is a weakness of wordpress not catablog- i discovered that adding the following code to .htaccess blocks access to the wp-install.php when this error occurs and sends the user to an error page instead-
    # PROTECT install.php

    Order Allow,Deny
    Deny from all
    Satisfy all

    is there a way to increase the mysql limit to prevent the website from going down in this way? or is it simply necessary to wait 20 minutes between every 5 files? this is what i did in the end, but i accidentally blocked it several times anyhow.

    the website- a note, i did not design their logo.
    if you visit today, i’ve made all pages except home + contact private while i’m working on the catalogue but it should be up later today or tomorrow.

    thank you so much again for all your hard work zach!! truly appreciate it.


  10. Jan Eirik Astrup says:

    Hi Zach, and thanks for a great plugin.

    I just wanted to ask, we need to add custom fields to the catalog, is there an easy way to do that?


    • Zach says:

      Currently there is not an easy way to add custom fields, ideally there will be an options tab that will let you configure your fields, but for the time being, no go 🙁

  11. fran says:

    It’s me again……
    When I use the Gallery Template, my paypal buttons don’t show up.

    Also- it would be nice if you from the gallery template, if when a picture was click on- it took you too a page that had a larger version of the image, a description, and a paypal button…

    and after that, if you could make me some coffee….. 😉

    • Zach says:

      I only have my phone right now for Internet (I know sad days, right?) but everything you want can be accomplished with a custom template and the public feature. I will be able to give more advice in a week or so. In the meantime there is some documentation and you may experiment with tokens, public pages and permalinks.

  12. Ludwig says:

    Been messing around with Catablog for a while now and I’m trying to make a hover effect that on hover both does the normal highlightning that “Gallery” does, but also load the image and description in a bigger container next to the Catablog grid-layout.

    Something like this:

    Is it possible?

  13. Ryan says:


    I am having issues with the most recent release that I believe are memory related. I can’t upload files using the flash uploader (500 error) and if I try unlocking the folder and uploading via FTP then rescanning I get the following message:

    testimage.png Error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2400 bytes)

    Any thoughts?



    • Zach says:

      This is a tuff one, there are two things I can think of that will help you.

      1. Try increasing the amount of memory allocated to PHP in the php.ini file.

      2. Decrease the resolution of your uploaded images. Not the quality, the resolution is more important when memory is involved.

  14. Pedro says:

    In $new_item->setImage($tmp_name); why can’t I add a default image here?
    Say, $new_item->setImage(‘’);

  15. Niklas says:

    Hi Zach!

    I have a problem, the picture is placed over the text :S
    What is wrong?

  16. Trevor says:

    Hi! Great plugin, and thanks so much for creating it! Just wondering if you could help me with a problem of double entries for product listings?

    I use the plugin on a couple of other sites without this issue. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

    • Zach says:

      Trevor, do you have the specific theme file for catalog item’s in your theme? It would be similar to your theme’s single.php file, but labeled catablog-item.php instead. If you have that file WordPress will refer to it and you may control exactly how each CataBlog item is displayed.

  17. honigber says:

    I work with WordPress 3.2.1 and I have Catablog installed.
    After activating the Lightbox, I get the following message:

    SyntaxError: missing ; before statement

    each time I make some changes in the customization of catablog.
    The message appears during recalculating the thumbnail-images.
    It must be an error in a script from catablog/js.
    How can I correct it?

    • Zach says:

      Please try disabling all other plugins and use the Twenty-Ten theme from WordPress. If you still get the error message, please try reinstalling CataBlog.

    • Low-R says:

      Same problem, do you have resolved it ?

      • Zach says:

        Since the above comments are so old I lost track of this bug. Can you be more specific?

        Is this happening in the CataBlog Options Admin Panel? Or is it somewhere else? Like when you regenerate all thumbnails.

        Can you reproduce the error and please give me the necessary steps to reproduce it myself.

  18. Nicola says:

    Hi Zach,

    I use Catablog Plugin on my entire Page. The Gallery is visible on the homepage and a version with background picture is visible on
    I was wondering, if you would like to publish our site as example website for your plugin?
    Also, I still have trouble fixing the position of thumbnails seen on the homepage. As soon as hovered the thumbnails move. Which make it hard to be clicked. I tried to fix but didn’t succeed so far. Do you have an idea how to staticly position the thumbnails? Thanks for your help!

    • Zach says:

      Just make sure to add !important after the margin and padding properties of your CSS catablog-row override class.

      div.catablog-gallery.catablog-row {
        display: block;
        float: center;
        height: 50px;
        width: 100px;
        margin: 5px !important;
        padding: 5px !important;
        position: static;

  19. Matt says:

    Hi Zach, great plugin. I’d like to change the price format from XXXX.XX to X,XXX but can’t find how to do this anywhere, can you point me in the right direction?

    • Zach says:

      Sorry to report there is no easy way to do this, you may attempt to hack the plugin. A price format option would be good to have in the future 🙂

  20. Hello Zach, I have a problem in the categories, they are gone when they returned, there were several Uncategorized, and returned to disappear again the categories and do not know what to do, is help me? thank you

    • Zach says:

      If you switch the WordPress installations locale while CataBlog is active you may create a few undesired ‘Uncategorized’ categories. This is easily fixed simply by deleting the unwanted categories. This bug has been noted and a future release of CataBlog will hopefully fix this.

  21. Naveen says:

    Hi Zach,

    i could not able to get the catabalog categories in search results,

    how do i do it,hope i missing would be great if i add this functionality in my site.

    D Naveen Rahul

    • Zach says:

      The categories will not be put into search results, but instead each individual catalog item will be merged with your other standard search results.

  22. Dee says:

    Hi Zach, I’ve upgraded WP 3.3.1 and the lightboxes are not showing when I click on the images. Pls see example here,

    Appreciate your help pls. Thanks.

    • Zach says:

      You have numerous JavaScript functions attached to all anchor tags <a/>. One of these calls is causing a JavaScript error, specifically look for the following code block in your page’s footer script.

      var href = this.attr(‘href’);

      That line of code is causing an error which stops all JavaScript execution and consequently also the CataBlog LightBox.

  23. Hi Zach,
    Thanks for a brilliant plugin. I am struggling with a grid display of images and single product pages in

    I am trying to present a grid display of main product images on a category page using GridDisplay template as below;


    and shortcode: [catablog template="GridDisplay"]
    On both pages it displays the same range of photos, despite using [catablog category="Carpet", template="GridDisplay"] on each cat page.
    Can you help? What am I doing wrong?
    Many thanks
    F Sertage

    • Zach says:

      I believe you have some errant HTML tags in your CataBlog Shortcode, in particular the <code> tag. Please make sure that when you paste a Shortcode into the WordPress Post/Page Editor that you remove the formatting by using the Paste as Plain Text feature.

      • Thanks Zach. I have also found a solution to other problem I was having in the MySQL. Too much rubbish in there. Had a good clear out.
        Again many thanks for a superb plugin and support.

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