Quick Patch Release, CataBlog 0.8.7

I just released a small patch to CataBlog which gave it yet another new feature and fixed some minor user interface glitches.

First off, you can now import a properly formatted XML file into CataBlog and have it insert new items into your catalog. This feature compliments the export feature released in the previous version. It is now super easy to export and import backup versions of your catalogs. Keep in mind these backups are just the database data, you need to backup your images folder separately. SImply make a copy of the catablog folder inside your wp-content folder.

Secondly I fixed a minor user interface bug that I found. Double or triple clicking the next and previous links in the Lightbox would cause two images to be loaded at once. The click is now disabled until the action is complete, meaning that only the first click is registered. Also the next and previous links now loop through the catalog instead of doing nothing when there isn't a new image to load.

Hope people enjoy the update, please rate and verify compatibility for my plugin at wordpress.org.

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