CataBlog Version Released

Well, the first update to CataBlog in numerous months was just submitted today at 5pm. This update does not offer dazzling new features, but instead works towards a rock solid 1.3 release which should be coming up soon.

Besides a few bug fixes, including the Admin Menu Bar and some front-end CSS settings, this version offers a new LightBox option. You may now open the CataBlog Options Admin Panel and control if the LightBox's next and previous buttons should let visitors navigate from one ShortCode to another ShortCode.

I am hoping that this release is received well and that I am able to add new features to CataBlog in the up coming month. Some of these features would include customizable fields and a new template management system that would make controlling your catalogs appearance more intuitive.

Enjoy and look forward to some positive comments.

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7 Responses to CataBlog Version Released

  1. Joe Douglas says:

    Great to see a new up-date. Really looking forward to v1.3 with the new customization fields. This is easily the best plug-in for WP!

  2. aljay says:

    hi does the this version has a pagination of products? i really love this plugin.

  3. Shomi says:

    Check my site and how to turn back. Problem was that is one plugin update was stopped (catablog,wordpress). Is it only option to upload my backup ?

    Thank You

    • Zach says:

      You should use your backup to restore your site and try and upgrade just CataBlog and see if you get the same problem. If you are not successful updating CataBlog it could be because you are jumping to many versions or that your server is miss-configured.

  4. David says:

    Outstanding plugin, thnx!!!

    Perhaps a thought for V1.3 if you have time.

    I’d love to be able to link to a WP Page or Post from either the thumbnail in the portfolio or the image in the lightbox.

    • Zach says:

      You may currently link to any of your site’s pages by pasting the page’s complete permalink into the link field for a catalog item. This will turn the title of the catalog item into a link, if you want to turn the thumbnail consider modifying the CataBlog Template in options. You may use the gallery template as a starting point, just make sure to replace the %MAIN-IMAGE% token with the %LINK% token.


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