New HTML5 Uploader

CataBlog 1.7.0 has been released. This release includes an important compatibility fix for WordPress 5.1+. It also replaces the Flash uploader with an HTML 5 one. So now multiple image uploads work in all modern browsers, without any plugins. This also includes mobile devices!

Happy Holidays from CataBlog. Cheers!

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New CataBlog Maintenance Release

A few days ago a maintenance release of CataBlog went public. It fixes a few debug errors and confirmed my assumptions that CataBlog still works fine with the latest versions of WordPress (4.9.2). I'm hoping now that CataBlog will be removed from the list of plugins that haven't updated their WP_Widgets code. 😉

Stay tuned!
Even more exciting stuff is coming to CataBlog soon! The next release is aiming to address compatibility with mobile devices, including support for upload and mobile first admin & template CSS.

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CataBlog Works with WordPress 4.4

My initial testing with CataBlog 1.6.6 and WordPress 4.4 has been promising and there seems to be no reason to fear upgrading your WordPress site for our users. Thanks so much for your continued support of CataBlog and happy holidays.

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CataBlog Tested with WordPress 4

So I have been testing CataBlog with the not so newly released WordPress 4.0.1, so far everything has gone great. There have been no found regressions and it feels as performant as ever, thanks mainly to the WordPress team and there hard work making WP4 even better.

If you have been waiting to upgrade WordPress because of CataBlog, wait no longer. But, as always, remember to backup your site before any major upgrade to WordPress since many things can go wrong during an update.

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WordPress Upgrade *May* Break CataBlog


It seems that some people are using CataBlog fine in WordPress 4, while I think others have had problems. I would suggest testing CataBlog with any future versions of WordPress and or your Theme before upgrading your "live site". The best way to do this is with a backup run locally on your own computer.

The new WordPress upgrade broke CataBlog, please do NOT update to WordPress 4.0 if you need to keep using CataBlog. I will look into the problem as soon as I can, but since it is freeware and I need to concentrate on my paying job, I won't be able to tell you how long until it is fixed.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support of CataBlog, cheers!

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Patch Fix For Interface Bugs

I've fixed the two rendering bugs with CataBlog and newer versions of WordPress. This version has very little difference, so I wouldn't worry to much about any breakage if your upgrading from 1.6.4. I know it is disappointing that there are no new features in over a year, but I will try and spend a little time working on CataBlog in the coming months, so stay tuned.


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CataBlog and WordPress 3.8 Bugs

I know I'm probably a little late breaking with this news, but the latest version of CataBlog has two rendering bugs in WordPress 3.8. But don't worry too much, none of these bugs are fatal. I will try and fix them soon, but I cannot give a timeline since I'm very busy these days.

Issue 1:
The Multifile Upload Button renders improperly. Although it may seem the button is broken, it is not, simply click the button and select your images. If you do get an error, please double check the selected file's size is within your server's configured limits.

Issue 2:
The Edit CataBlog Item panel renders the description field too low. This is really just an inconvenience, especially for shorter monitors that will have to scroll to accommodate for the extra height.

Both these rendering errors are relatively easy fixes that I will try and patch up and release soon. Thanks again for supporting CataBlog and being apart of its community.

- Zach

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