CataBlog and WordPress 3.8 Bugs

I know I'm probably a little late breaking with this news, but the latest version of CataBlog has two rendering bugs in WordPress 3.8. But don't worry too much, none of these bugs are fatal. I will try and fix them soon, but I cannot give a timeline since I'm very busy these days.

Issue 1:
The Multifile Upload Button renders improperly. Although it may seem the button is broken, it is not, simply click the button and select your images. If you do get an error, please double check the selected file's size is within your server's configured limits.

Issue 2:
The Edit CataBlog Item panel renders the description field too low. This is really just an inconvenience, especially for shorter monitors that will have to scroll to accommodate for the extra height.

Both these rendering errors are relatively easy fixes that I will try and patch up and release soon. Thanks again for supporting CataBlog and being apart of its community.

- Zach

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Minor Release Addresses Localization

I released CataBlog 1.6.4 this morning, it addresses an issue with localization and adds a translation for Russian. If you had problems using the French translation of CataBlog in the past, please try this new update.

I know this isn't the release we all want, but it was too simple a fix to hold up for the much more complex custom fields feature.

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The Next Feature: Customizable Fields

Well, it is 2013, and time to actually start thinking about adding an enhancement to CataBlog. The obvious new feature that most people want is to customize the fields for the catalog. Customizable fields will allow someone to make an author field, a shipping cost field, media field, print type, f-stop, and on and on.

Well, what do you think? Is this the best way for me to enhance CataBlog? Let me know in the comments below and have a nice day :)

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Security Holes Patched

So I have patched the security holes in CataBlog and committed the new revision to the WordPress Plugin Repository. So far it is not showing up in searches, but I noticed that I am now able to go directly to the plugins page. So if you cannot find CataBlog go to This whole experience is a bit disappointing, I must say, but from now on I will be more diligent about security and hopefully this will never be a problem again.

Please note that the download links from this site should now be working :)

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Plugin Removed from Repository

Well Automattic and WordPress have decided to pull CataBlog from the repository due to XSS vulnerabilities. That means all the download links are not working and well, basically Automattic pulled the rug from under me, thanks guys. A heads up, would have been nice.

Until I am able to fix these vulnerabilities CataBlog will not be available at the WordPress Plugin Repository. Sorry. I think they could have handled this in a better way, but it is not my decision. Expect me to fix this issue within a week or so, as I am way too busy to start fixing this right away.

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WordPress 3.3 Required

Wanted to make a note to everyone that CataBlog 1.6 and above requires WordPress 3.3 or above. The new WYSIWYG editor uses a function only found in version of WordPress greater than 3.3. This may be yet another reason to allow Admins to configure if they want to use the TinyMCE Editor or the plain text field from older versions of CataBlog.

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More New Features and Bug Fixes

Well another minor CataBlog version was released today, 1.6.2 is another step forward towards a bug free CataBlog. The two new features now allow admins to regenerate specific library items with the bulk menu and delete custom templates from within the templates editor. The two bug fixes now make sure that the LightBox version of transparent images are layered onto of the background color set in the thumbnail options, and there are no more warning messages about cookie values not being set in the library view.

Again, hope this new version works well and helps ease the experience people are having with CataBlog.

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