Pizza & Beer

Please donate to my pizza and beer fund so that CataBlog and other plugins can continue to be developed. CataBlog is completely free, and while I may enjoy seeing people use it, understand that everything good deserves a reward and donating just a small amount of cash would be very much appreciated, so how about it, even just a couple bucks, thanks.

13 Responses to Donate

  1. With this kind of Plugin and the quick Support, i am glad to Donate fore better Functions.
    Thank you for this great PlugIn

  2. Not only do I appreciate your product, but I appreciate the easy-to-follow documentation!


    Clarity Learning

  3. Holly says:

    Great plugin – the first one I have donated to (via my husband’s account). Enjoy a beer!

  4. Cyle says:

    Thank you very much for your efforts 🙂

  5. Rick says:

    Superior plug-in! There are many ways to use Catablog. Thanks.

  6. This plug-in took me all the way to exactly the site I wanted to create. Thank you. You certainly deserve a pizza and a beer.

  7. Hi Zach
    We’ve now completed work on our client’s site (link above). Thank you for the support you’ve given so far – our main business is writing content, so we’re novices at building websites.
    We’d like to donate, but need some form of receipt for our bookkeeping and accounts. Is something suitable suplied as part of the donation process?
    I have one further support question, but won’t bother you with it until we’ve donated.
    Regards, David

  8. arvind says:

    upload time problem not upload the plugin word-press version is 3.4.1 and plugin version 1.6.3 how to install this plugin immediately connect to me via email
    Arviind Kumar

  9. Thanks for the great (and quick) support. Donation made… you really should be charging for this plugin!

  10. Laura says:

    Hi Zach, thank you for letting us use your plugin. We love it!

  11. Jeremiah says:


    Thanks for this incredible plugin! Not only will it prove to be a big time-saver for us once we go live, but the formatting and display are beautiful! So many aspects of CataBlog are customizable enough to be useful…without needing too much coding knowledge. I’m still confused about a few things, but once I reduce my issues to simplest terms I will likely be posting some questions on your site.

    Thanks for your great work on the plugin, as well as all the documentation and support! Donation coming your way soon.


  12. sylvia says:

    Yo Zach! I tossed a couple dollars your way! Not much but maybe enough for a cup of Starbucks. I love catablog and am now using it on 2 sites and one other I’m working on for a client.

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