CataBlog Tested with WordPress 4

So I have been testing CataBlog with the not so newly released WordPress 4.0.1, so far everything has gone great. There have been no found regressions and it feels as performant as ever, thanks mainly to the WordPress team and there hard work making WP4 even better.

If you have been waiting to upgrade WordPress because of CataBlog, wait no longer. But, as always, remember to backup your site before any major upgrade to WordPress since many things can go wrong during an update.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Hi Zach, Please don’t shoot me for probably being very dumb! Can you quickly checkout my new website and the ‘Food and Recipes’ section. You will see that the images aren’t displaying well (very large blank main image). What can I do to rectify this issue? All I wish to achieve is a gallery of thumbnails that when clicked on open up a page for that item/recipe displaying an enlarged image and the cooking steps. Many thanks for your help. Andrew 🙂

  2. Thanks for the update, Zach! Sounds promising. Mine still comes up with messages like: Could not find a CataBlog Gallery with id ”8966″. Any tips? Here’s an example (scroll to the bottom):

    • Zach says:

      Go to the CataBlog Galleries Admin Section and verify that you have a gallery with that id. You can do this by looking at the Shortcode column of the list of galleries, one should look like this:

      [catablog_gallery id="8966"]

      If you notice that the gallery you want has another Shortcode, simply use that one instead in your Post or Page. Good luck!

  3. Heather says:

    Your website is so helpful but I am losing my mind trying to get my page to appear as a gallery template. For some reason, whenever I add the template=”gallery” shortcode, it gives me an error message (“You must use the id attribute in the catablog_gallery Shortcode “). If I just use the normal shortcode for my gallery it works, but each post goes down, and I am trying to get it set up to go three across.
    Any suggestions on what I could be doing wrong?

    • Zach says:

      I believe you are simply missing the id of your catablog shortcode, try adding the template parameter to the normal shortcode for your gallery like so:

      [catablog_gallery id="****" template="gallery"]

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