WordPress 3.3 Required

Wanted to make a note to everyone that CataBlog 1.6 and above requires WordPress 3.3 or above. The new WYSIWYG editor uses a function only found in version of WordPress greater than 3.3. This may be yet another reason to allow Admins to configure if they want to use the TinyMCE Editor or the plain text field from older versions of CataBlog.

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  1. Scott says:

    CataBlog seems to be missing from the wordpress plugin directory.

  2. Daniel Liquete says:

    Hi Zach,
    I have a previous install of Catablog. After I upgraded to Catablog Version 1.6.3, newly added library items displays a larger thumbnail image than previous library items. Thumbnails size is set at 110×110. I would like the thumbnails to be the same size, as I see it now, I may have to re-enter all my library items to keep them uniform. Any suggestions? I’m using using WordPress 3.3.2.

    • Zach says:

      Please make sure your settings are the way you want and re-render all your images. There is a way to do this in the system tab of CataBlog Options Admin Panel.

      • Daniel Liquete says:

        Thanks Zach. All seems OK now. The first time I re-rendered, it didn’t have any effect, but now alls good.

  3. JoeMD says:

    Hello Zach,

    I’m using the most recent versions of both CataBlog and WordPress and am wondering if there is/ supposed to be any way to make the LightBox size bigger (Admin – CataBlog – Options – LightBox)? The text area next to “LightBox Size:” has 600px in it. However it’s greyed out and I cannot change it. I’m adding a page to the site which will be showcasing artwork for 600px on the longest side isn’t really enough (I’d like at least 1000px). You can see the page at http://www.chroniclechamber.com/phanworks/

    Take a look at the right most artwork. This SHOULD appear a lot bigger. Due to the small size some of the detail in the image is lost.

    I’ve tried looking around but can’t seem to find any way of changing that 600px number. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    • Zach says:

      Can you make sure that the “Render a new image to be used for the lightbox:” checkbox is checked, without that checked you cannot change the size. If you unchecked “Render new image” and remove all images from the wp-content/uploads/catablog/fullsize folder on your server the original uploads will be used for the lightbox. The lightbox size setting is used for the maximum width or height of the rendered image, depending on which is longer, so your images that are wider (portrait) will not be 1000px tall.

      Keep in mind, that the LightBox JavaScript actually shrinks the image to fit the screen, this is a known issue for some people, and instructions on removing that feature may be posted…or a checkbox added…unfortunately I just don’t have time to work on CataBlog these days.

      • JoeMD says:

        I tried the above suggestions, but could not get it to work. Also, is there a way to remove the grey ‘previous’ text from below the thumbnails?

  4. Hi Zach,
    I have been using Catablog for a couple of years now – but had not updated the site over the last year at the request of the owner. Finally got permission to update. Now on WP 3.51 and 1.63 of Catablog. But now have lost wysiwyg on the catablog pages. Both putting in a new item and editing. Can’t even see the text in the items where I know there is text. Hope you can help me… couldn’t find anyone else with this issue in the forum.

    • Zach says:

      Hi Char-Lou

      Lets start with a few questions, can you answer these for me please 🙂

      – which page are you seeing the error on, the edit catalog item page?

      – did you have a WYSIWYG editor in CataBlog before the update?

      – did anything else change during the update, besides WP and CataBlog?

      – have you tried using a different browser?

      – can you open a JavaScript or Error Console in your browser and tell me what it reports, if anything?

  5. Zach…

    Thank you – I found the problem. It was a conflict with the cforms plugin. Got rid of that and all is well.

    We do love your plugin – it is perfect for my user and his site.


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