Plugin Removed from Repository

Well Automattic and WordPress have decided to pull CataBlog from the repository due to XSS vulnerabilities. That means all the download links are not working and well, basically Automattic pulled the rug from under me, thanks guys. A heads up, would have been nice.

Until I am able to fix these vulnerabilities CataBlog will not be available at the WordPress Plugin Repository. Sorry. I think they could have handled this in a better way, but it is not my decision. Expect me to fix this issue within a week or so, as I am way too busy to start fixing this right away.

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3 Responses to Plugin Removed from Repository

  1. Scott says:

    Bummer. Thanks for the status update. I appreciate your work so far and I look forward to the fixed version. I’ve made a small donation to the beer + pizza fund with the hopes that the code will be fixed quickly.

  2. Just today I was trying to add two new photos to my library which went well, but I can’t seem to add them to my catagories.. I have quite a few.. is there a limit to how many I can have in categories or is this part of the problem you mentioned above? I’m so sorry to bother you here.. I know you’re busy but I don’t know how to ask on the wordpress site.. I’m not so tech-savvy:) I love cata-blog.. and bow down to anyone who knows how to develop this stuff! Thanks for any help..

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