New Daily Download Record

I am very happy and proud today, CataBlog has reached a new milestone in daily downloads. With over 300 downloads and counting at 4:00pm, we crushed the previous record of 192. Thanks to all who downloaded the new version and if you have any spare time to rate, tweet, Facebook like or confirm that CataBlog works with your version of WordPress that would be awesome.

Review the official download stats at

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  1. mz says:

    hi there.
    im trying to install your catablog in my website, but it keeps saying
    “CataBlog could not detect your upload directory or it is not writable by PH”

    i’ve allready set writing permission on my whole wpress folders, and it still doesnt go…

    any sugestions?

    • Zach says:

      To fix this you don’t need to give PHP write access to the WordPress folder, but give write permission to the wp-content folder and the uploads folder inside wp-content. If you have a custom location for your WordPress uploads then check if PHP can write to that directory directly. I am curious if you can currently upload Media into WordPress? Good luck and let me know if you get it working.

  2. Steve Young says:


    Hold on to your hat, I think you are going to be blown away by your growth!

    We found Catablog just two weeks ago. I knew within 10 minutes that it was the product I needed to complete the ecommerce store we were developing.

    Over one weekend we had our Catablog populated, and integrated with our Cart66 ecommerce system. The combination of these two plugins with wordpress pages and posts (we call them application stories) impressed our beta testers. The best comment from a very discriminating CIO at a major bank. “NICE”

    We were able to launch before Earth Day, our goal since our product is made of milk bottles, and we were able to get back to work because of how easy, powerful and simple catablog was!

    Now we can continue to develop and grow our interactive ecommerce solution

    Steve Young
    ImageAbility Inc.

    P.S. Thanks Zach for your personal technical support. 25 years ago I ran a 100 person technical service department, your help was outstanding and among the best I have seen.

  3. Pauline Moon says:

    Hi Zach,

    Launched client site last week and received error message:
    CataBlog could not detect your upload directory or it is not writable by PHP. Please contact your hosting company or IT department for more information. Thanks.
    Made folder writable and problem was sorted.
    Just checking client site today and the same error message appears. Checked wp-content, uploads folder and catablog folder within it and all are writable but message remains. Really worried now as I can’t access client site at all. Can you please help?

    • Zach says:

      Are you able to upload images through the standard WordPress Media upload? Are you hosting on a windows server?

      One thing you should never do is assume that software will run the same from server to server, as they will most likely have different versions of Apache, PHP and MySQL.

      Will await answers to my two questions.

  4. Pauline Moon says:

    Sorry, Zach forgot to give you site url –

    • Zach says:

      remove the catablog folder from your plugins folder to deactivate it and get your site back up and running. do not delete everything or the database, just remove the plugin folder and keep trying to login to the admin panel.

  5. I’m having the same issue. I can upload images to the wordpress blog, but I am receiving this error: “The CataBlog Upload Directory cannot be written.” I’m running multisite. Any suggestions? Please email me back i probably won’t check this URL again directly.

    • Zach says:

      I don’t do personal email correspondences for free, if you want more help with this it will have to be in a public forum, either on this blog, on the facebook page or at the WordPress Plugin Repository. I would make sure that your site’s data folder is writable by your PHP Process. In multisite each blog has its own data folder at /wordpress/wp-content/blogs/blog id/. This folder and the uploads folder inside it must be writable by your WordPress installation for CataBlog to work.

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