New Galleries Documentation

Wrote some documentation for the new gallery feature, read Organizing Your Catalog with Galleries to learn more on how to use the gallery feature.

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Long Awaited Gallery Feature Released

CataBlog 1.5 was released earlier today and features the new gallery section. With the new gallery section you can create custom collections of library items and save them in galleries. The main function of this feature is to allow people to organize their catalog library items in arbitrary ways that aren't possible with categories alone.

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Gallery Feature Beta Release

Just released a beta version of CataBlog, 1.4.8. This version is not considered stable, but if you want to check out the new gallery feature download it. Cheers 🙂

CataBlog Beta 1.4.8

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Changing the Catalog Title’s Appearance

Welcome to another CataBlog tutorial, this time we will learn about how to change the appearance of each catalog item's title. Some of this tutorial is the same from the Multiple Column Tutorial, so please feel free to skip ahead if you are already familiar with the CSS basics and overriding CataBlog's CSS classes.

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Multiple Column Tutorial

Hey CataBlogers, welcome to the start of a new section of the blog. Today I introduce the tutorials section of the blog, which will feature guided instructions on how to integrate CataBlog with your site. Today's tutorial will explain how to give the default CataBlog Template multiple columns.

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Facebook Poll for Next CataBlog Feature

CataBlog users and fans, it's time to vote on the next feature to be built into CataBlog. You can go to the CataBlog Facebook Page and vote for an existing idea, or add your own feature to the poll.

First idea to reach 20 votes wins!

The poll may be found at

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Update Adds Sidebar Widgets and Category Listings

CataBlog 1.4 was released this evening, offering new features that better integrate your catalogs with your blog. Particularly exciting are the sidebar widgets. One allows you to display your catalog item's and the other lets you link to your catalog categories. The CataBlog Widget is very similar to using a Shortcode and comes with simple drop down menu options for most of the Shortcode attributes. The CataBlog Categories Widget renders a list of links or drop down menu with all your catalog categories in a similar fashion to the regular Categories Widget. These two widgets give even the most novice WordPress user the ability to show off their catalog in new and interesting ways.

The other notable new feature in this version of CataBlog is a new Shortcode for rendering a list or drop down menu of all your catalog categories. The [catablog_categories] Shortcode has two attributes that may be set to 'yes' or 'no', dropdown and showcount. Here are some examples implementations of the Shortcode.

[catablog_categories dropdown="yes"]
[catablog_categories dropdown="no" showcount="yes"]
[catablog_categories dropdown="yes" showcount="yes"]

Well let me know how the widgets workout and hope to see some good feedback once again in the comments below. Cheers! 🙂

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