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CataBlog 1.3 Available

Today I am happy to announce the release of CataBlog 1.3. This new version has quite a few enhancements and some very new ways of handling old features. Of the new features, two that will standout the most are the … Continue reading

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CataBlog Version Released

Well, the first update to CataBlog in numerous months was just submitted today at 5pm. This update does not offer dazzling new features, but instead works towards a rock solid 1.3 release which should be coming up soon. Besides a … Continue reading

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New Update Introduces Multiple File Upload

Version of CataBlog is here, and with it is a new way to upload multiple images into your catalog. You may now select multiple files for upload and create an upload queue. As each image upload finishes, a mini … Continue reading

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Update Introduces Individual Catalog Item Pages

The latest version of CataBlog introduces a new “Public” feature, which allows you to automatically generate individual pages for every catalog item. These pages will get their own Permalink and should be considered similar to a public post or page. … Continue reading

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CataBlog Now Has Admin Pagination

Another incremental upgrade to CataBlog was released today. CataBlog 1.2.8 is a big step forward for anyone who has a library with a couple hundred or more items. With pagination now built into the Admin Library panel, you should be … Continue reading

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Revision 1.2.7 Public Today

A new update to CataBlog has been released today. It is recommended that all user’s running CataBlog 1.2.6 upgrade to this new revision. Version 1.2.7 offers many bug fixes and improvements, without any architectural change. Most importantly is the improvement … Continue reading

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Version 1.2.5 Released Today

CataBlog got a major update today, offering more then a dozen new features and enhancements. Most importantly this update includes the necessary files for translators to localize CataBlog. I have included a preliminary Spanish translation with this release as an … Continue reading

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