Interface Enhancements and Bug Fixes

CataBlog 1.6.1 was released today, this new version focuses on the recently added gallery feature and also includes interface enhancements and bug fixes. Of particular interest will be the now complete micro editor form that appears after uploading an image with the flash uploader. You may configure which fields are shown in the micro editor in the Screen Options section of the CataBlog Add New Admin Panel. The other new enhancement adds individual page links to the limited catalog's navigation.

There are also a few bug fixes, two pertaining to the new gallery section of CataBlog. You should no longer receive an error message in the front end after deleting Library items that were in galleries. Also, if you open and closed the add to gallery modal window multiple times the selected library items will now be cleared between each opening and closing.

Hope the update helps make everyone's CataBlog experience a little bit smoother. Enjoy 🙂

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6 Responses to Interface Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  1. Low-R says:

    Great update but it misses the possibility to regenerate only missing images. This function would reduce the regeneration time when you have lots of pictures!

    • Zach says:

      I completely agree, and think it would be a very useful feature. Unfortunately, not all features are created equal in the eyes of the user, and I have focused on other features. Do not fret though, this feature has now made it on to my CataBlog white board. 😉

    • Zach says:

      Regenerate selected library items has been added to CataBlog 1.6.2 to the bulk edit menu.

  2. Low-R says:

    Thanks for your reply Zach, nice work !

  3. fernandofas says:

    Hi Zack,

    I’m using Catablog plugin in one of my websites and I’m having difficulty to assign a template for each product as Catablog generate a permanet link for each one.
    As an example: this is the page –
    and this is the permanent link generated for the first item –

    When I click on the product permanent link, nothing appears.



  4. Olen says:

    CAPTIONS! I see a ton of plugin galleries but how about the ability to add captions. What good is a gallery of 60 pictures when it doesn’t say what the pics are, etc?

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