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Help, My Categories Don't Filter

So I have been asked a few times now from different people wondering why the CataBlog Shortcode won’t filter categories. Strangely enough the solution is very simple and kind of comical. Many people who use my plugin come to the … Continue reading

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Modifying Templates

One of the best features that CataBlog offers is the ability to control exactly how your catalog HTML is rendered on your blog pages. It is also one of the more mysterious features for beginners, since it isn’t incredibly well … Continue reading

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LightBox Colors and Styling

Now I know that the LightBox needs to be more customizable, especially the color and styling. Is there any feelings out there what exact visual aspects of the LightBox should be easily changeable from the options panel. The color and … Continue reading

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Catalogs and WordPress Search

There has been some questions and comments recently about CataBlog and the WordPress built-in site search capabilities. Currently the catalog items are hidden from the site searches and public queries. This may change in a future version of CataBlog, but … Continue reading

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New Five Step Gallery Maker

Recently added in revision 1.0 of Catablog, the new Rescan feature in CataBlog makes it super easy to create a single gallery from a long list of image files. Simply install CataBlog, upload the files with an FTP or file … Continue reading

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Customizing CataBlog's Template

The HTML template is a newer and not well documented feature to CataBlog, it allows people to setup their own HTML code for CataBlog to render on the page. This can be especially useful when you might want to make … Continue reading

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Help! the LightBox isn't working on my blog

I have been asked this question time and time again, how come the LightBox effect isn’t working on my site? First off before you try anything else, switch to the TwentyTen theme and disable all other plugins except CataBlog. If … Continue reading

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