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Update Introduces Individual Catalog Item Pages

The latest version of CataBlog introduces a new “Public” feature, which allows you to automatically generate individual pages for every catalog item. These pages will get their own Permalink and should be considered similar to a public post or page. … Continue reading

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Modifying Templates

One of the best features that CataBlog offers is the ability to control exactly how your catalog HTML is rendered on your blog pages. It is also one of the more mysterious features for beginners, since it isn’t incredibly well … Continue reading

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Ordering a Catalog with Multiple Categories

So a lot of people have been requesting the ability to change the order of catalog items while viewing a single category. My first thoughts were right along with most everyone else, this would be a great feature. Now I … Continue reading

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Development, Purpose and Direction

So I have been struggling with where to take CataBlog and what new features to add. I am leaning towards the idea that CataBlog should concentrate on being a compliment to WordPress and its various plugins. Instead of making CataBlog … Continue reading

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Old Database Removed in CataBlog 0.9.5

This is a big day, CataBlog no longer is going into the WordPress database directly and making modifications. That was a bad method of creating custom content, especially since WordPress now has custom post types. All catalog items from now … Continue reading

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WordPress Plugin Designs and Memory Leaks

I recently discovered that CataBlog was using more and more of PHP’s allocated memory. This meant that each page that was loaded while the CataBlog PHP Class (plugin) was activated it would use about 200k extra memory, continuously compounding on … Continue reading

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Object Oriented WordPress Plugin Development

I am curious about what kind of ideas and designs are out there for making your WordPress plugin follow a more object oriented approach. Most plugins I have looked at are basically a long list of functions that are hooked … Continue reading

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